Celebrate Your Marriage, Your Success and Your Wins!

Celebrating may not be the first thing to come to mind this COVID year but we believe it is important!  Join us Sunday September 27th at Fermanagh Farms.  Missed celebrating your anniversary this year?  This is your time!  Yours still yet to come on the calendar?  What rule is there against celebrating too much?! 

  • Outdoor event under tent cover
  • Limit of 100 people / 50 couples – by invite only
  • Catered – featuring salad, bread, entree, desserts, wine
  • Professional Photographer – be dressed for your photo shoot!
  • Outdoor dance party!
  • Photos and social at 4 pm
  • Dinner at 5 pm
  • Dance at 8 pm

We are asking for $100 per couple to host the event .. simply a way to cover the cost of the event.

Ready to join us?  We will have tickets available very shortly!  For the moment contact us and let us know you want to be there!  Any questions, let us know.

Thom – 647-333-8371, thom@randomize.com
Lisa – 289-879-8371, lisa@randomize.com


COVID-19 Related Notes

  • Outdoor events have a gathering restriction of 100 people
  • Masks are optional outdoors
  • Seated 3 couples to a 5′ table
  • Tables will be set 6′ apart
  • Dinner will be served buffet style with servers handling all food