Camping & Trailer Ticket Purchase


$30 / Person
$20 For Pop-up Trailer
$50 for RV up to 20′
“Buy now” per Individual or Couple

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Camping Terms, Rules and Expectations

  • Camping is provided as an option to allow guest to enjoy the country side after the main wedding event.
  • In the camping area, we expect guests to be quiet allowing everyone to enjoy peace.
  • The camping area is not meant to continue the wedding party after the main event.
  • Each person is expected to behave responsibly and with care for each other, the event hosts, the property owners and property neighbours.


By purchasing camping from this page you are agreeing to these terms:

  • You are responsible for the actions and behaviour of yourself and the individuals you may also booking camping for.
  • You will enjoy alcohol responsibly so as to avoid getting drunk
  • You will behave in a responsible, respectful manner to your fellow guests, event hosts, property owners and property neighbours