• We request the following upon checkout
    • The place be left generally orderly and tidy
    • put dirty dishes in the dishwasher and turn on 
    • Put used towels and cloths from the kitchen and bathroom in the laundry bin provided in the bathroom
    • Additionally, please – turn off lights and tv, open up the blinds, leave door unlocked and message when checking out 

Contact Us

  • Please message us through the Airbnb app or VRBO app whichever you booked us through

Keys / Access

The Suite door has keypad access and the access code is 24023. The door between the Suite and the main house will remain locked.

Safety & Fire Alarm

The Suite has a smoke alarm. If it sounds and you detect smoke, you can leave through either of the suites South sliding, door, South opening or North opening doors. There is a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit under the kitchen sitting area.

Note: When using the toaster, please place it under the Range Hood and turn the hood on before toasting to reduce the change of nuisance fire alarms resulting from cooking toast.

Push and hold the Centre Hush button the Alarm to silence it if need be.

Be aware of the steps in and out of the Suite including the lip of the sliding door


There are light switches for the various spaces of the suite. 

North Door Switches (in left to right order) – 1) the hall lights, 2) the outdoor receptacle and 3) the North outdoor light by the door. 

South Door Switches (in left to right order) – 1) the main suite lights (with a dimmer), 2) one for future use, 3) South outdoor light by the door and 4) the hall light.

Bathroom Switches (in left to right order) – 1) main lights, 2) shower exhaust fan 3) audio control for in room speakers (see Internet and Entertainment below)

Ceiling Fan Light Switch – The Ceiling Fan has dimmable lights in it.  Controlled by the Fan’s remote (barn board wall by kitchen, remote is oval in shape) using the two bottom light buttons.  Hold to dim up or down.

Under Kitchen Cabinet Light Switch – located on under the upper cabinets on the very right end, you will find a small push button switch that turns on and off the under cabinet lights.

Hint – Dark Mode Lighting – To create a dim and warm lighting environment, we recommend the Ceiling Fan Light dimmed as desired and the Under Kitchen Cabinet lighting


The kitchen features a fridge, sink, induction cooktop, dishwasher, stove and range hood.  Specific notes for the induction cooktop and stove are located on pages Here and on the back of the upper right cabinet.  Please refer there for those notes. 

A few important notes; 1) the induction cooktop can only be used with the pots provided in the lower cabinet drawer that are induction compatible.  2)  the oven includes microwave features.  Do not put metal objects in the oven when using the microwave mode.  3)  Please use the range hood when cooking greasy or smoky foods and toast.  The range hood controls can be found under the upper right cabinet.

There is over-the-counter lighting accessed via a small plastic button near the very right end of the upper right cabinet.

You are welcome to use the upper and lower cabinets for your food items as you need for your stay.

Garbage, Recycling and Organic Waste

There is a garbage bin (black), a recycling bin (blue) and Organic Waste Bin (green) located along the south wall of the kitchen.   Bags for the garbage can be found at the bottom of that bin or in bottom kitchen drawer.   If these both become filled, or when leaving simply tie the bag and take to our garbage and recycle disposal area which are the metal bins on the side of the laneway you would have seen on your way  to the Suite. The Organic Waste (“green”) Bin MUST ONLY INCLUDE ORGANIC WASTE. please no plastic or garbage.  


The vanity counter is made of pine and dents or burns easily. Please be careful of hair dryers, etc. 

The toilet will accept only human waste and toilet paper. The toilet will NOT accept feminine hygiene products like pads or tampons, paper towel or flushable wipes.  Flushing such items or anything hard, plastic, metal, etc. will damage the septic system and you will be held responsible for the resulting repairs.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are provided through the combination washer / dryer under the vanity counter.  Please see the notes on the back of the cabinet door for use instructions.  Use only the detergent provided. It has “Wash & Dry” functions.  DO NOT USE THEM. Please run a wash cycle and then open and fluff the clothing then do a dry cycle. Only use the laundry detergent provided under the bathroom sink. 


Internet and Entertainment

There is Wi-Fi internet in the Country Suite.  The wifi is called “SuiteWifi” and password is mills6?!

This internet connection is shared with the rest of the house and other buildings on the property, so your speed may be affected by other people also using the internet. The Wi-Fi router is located in the main part of the house.   If you would prefer a hardwired connection, you may connect directly to it at the jack in the barn board wall by the table / counter.  If for some reason the internet stops working or is unstable, please contact us and we will resolve the issue.

There is a 55″ Smart TV in the cabin.  It is not connected to cable or to an Antenna.  The TV includes Google Android mirroring and AirPlay for Apple screen mirroring.  It has Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Prime and other apps installed.  You may log into your own accounts for each app.  It also has Plex installed with a user account already logged in.  Plex gives you access to Movies, TV shows, Concerts, Documentaries, Music Documentaries and more from our local server as well as Plex featured TV shows.  The local content through Plex is high quality.  You are welcome to connect any HDMI device to its second input on the back of the TV. 

You are welcome to connect any other HDMI device to its second input on the side of the TV. 

Note that there are USB Charger receptacles provided by kitchen counter, on the left and right sides of the bed and at receptacle under TV.

Heating and Cooling in the Suite

All of the heating and cooling controllers are grouped on the barn board wall just right of the kitchen counter. 

Primary source of heat: wall based radiator under the clothes hanger and towel warmer in the bathroom.  These are controlled by the beige thermostat.

Secondary source of heat: unit on the East Wall. It is controlled by a remote control located above the thermostat.  Point the remote at the unit then press the orange button to turn it on, set the mode to the Sun symbol and set to the desired temperature.

A/C Cooling – unit on the East Wall.  It is controlled by a remote control located above the thermostat.  Point the remote at the unit then press the orange button to turn it on, set the mode to the Snowflake symbol and set to the desired temperature.

Ceiling Fan: controlled by the remote located below the thermostat.  Push a number button to turn it on.  But the I/O button to turn it off.

Patio Furniture, BBQ and Accessories

You are welcome to enjoy the patio table and chairs, (seasonal), 2 grey muskoka chairs propane fire pit and BBQ on the patio under the pergola.

To turn the propane fire pit on -Turn the knob on side of unit on and push ignitor button to light.  See directions on side of unit.  

The propane BBQ can be dangerous especially if a grease fire gets going. Please use the BBQ wisely and at a safe distance from the house. Turn BBQ’s propane tank valve in the ON direction. Turn on gas valves on front of BBQ and hold down the igniter button to light each burner. There are BBQ utensils in the utensil drawer under the sink. Please turn off the tank when you are done and clean up any food  and bbq utensil when you are done.


What to do on the property

There are walking trails in the tree bush South of the house and red cabin.  Take the laneway to the right of the main house and follow it til you will come to our open pond area  There is a trail on the left (East) and right (West) side of the pond that will take you down in the trails.  The trails are unmarked at this point.  If you keep walking south, you will meet a gravel road and fence / gate .. that is the extent of our property.  Coming back the other way on the trails will bring you back to pond and then back up to the Country Suite. Please respect our Country Cabin guests and our Tiny Home and do not walk in front of or around the Red Cabin or Tiny Home. 

Beware that during the summer the bush can have a lot of mosquitos.  You are best to cover up or use bug / mosquito repellent.  

You are welcome to walk or bike down our lane toward the road and walk on the road.  The road is not heavily travelled but vehicles can be travelling fast.  Beware and be safe.  If you did not bring bikes, we may have one that suits your needs.

There may be cattle (cows) in the field beside the lane.  Do not try to touch or get close to them.  Simply enjoy them from a distance. There is an electric fence keeping them in.  If you touch the fence YOU WILL GET A SHOCK.

Solar Panels

There are a number of solar panel assemblies on the property. These generate electricity that provides green energy to our farm and the electricity grid. They are cool to look at.  Please do not stand on their structures or touch any of the controls or cabinets associated with them.  If you would like to know more about them, feel free to ask.

The Barn

The barn is NOT an accessible space to you.  It is under construction with many dangers present.  Even if the doors are open, you are not welcome to enter unless directly invited. If you are interested in what is going on, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Wildlife in the Area

You are in the countryside and wildlife does exist in the area.  There are no bears.  You may hear coyote or wolves at night.  They tend to stay in the forest and not come near the buildings.  We have never seen any at night.  Smaller animals such as skunks, ground hogs, squirrels, raccoons, etc. may be out during the day or night.  Remember, they are more scared of you than you should be of them.  Having said that, respect them, give them space and let them go on their way.  Treat them with respect and they’ll leave you alone.

Remember you are Responsible for You

When you checked in, you signed our Liability Waiver Form.  Remember that:

    • You are the primary agent responsible for your safety.
    • You are in a wilderness and rural area; not all hazards can be known or anticipated.
    • You are responsible to use your common sense in your activity.
    • Consumption of alcohol can impair your judgment and effect your safety and you now release us from liability from these effects. Alcohol consumption by those under 19 is not permitted.
    • The activities you choose to do on our property you do so at your on risk.
    • You are responsible for damage done to the property and cabin.
    • You understand that hygiene products or anything hard is not to be flushed down the toilet and that you will be held liable for resulting damages.
    • By choosing to remain on our property and sign this waiver form, you acknowledge and accepts these risks and release Thom and Lisa Mills, Ron and Karon Mills and Randomize, Inc. from liability.

Country Suite Appliance Guide

Dish WasherOvenCook Top

Welcome to our Country Suite!  We have installed these appliances for the enjoyment of you and your stay.  We ask you to take care of and respect them and the rest of the items in the Suite.

Note that the following usage guides only covers the basics for each appliance.  Please refer to the individual appliance manual for details.  These Manual are in the upper right cabinet right of the Range Hood.

Dish Washer (Under Sink)

1) Rinse Aid – The Dish Washer must have Rinse Aid in it in order to run any cycle.  you will find Rinse Aid in the upper left cabinet over the sink.

2) Detergent – The dispenser must be refilled before the start of each wash cycle following the instructions provided in the Wash Cycle Table. The dishwasher uses less detergent and rinse aid then conventional dishwashers. Generally, only one tablespoon of detergent is needed for a normal wash load. Also more heavily soiled items may need more detergent. Always add the detergent just before starting the dishwasher, otherwise it could get damp and will not dissolve properly.

3) Dish Washer Operation 

Oven / Microwave (Lower Right)

The Speed Oven is a combination oven that includes microwave, convection (round heating) and a grill element.  These features can be used in combination.    DO NOT USE the metal rack when using microwave mode.

Modes Available

Control Knobs

Left knob allows you to set the time, select the cooking temperature and duration and additionally program the cooking start and end times.

Display Area

Right knob allows access to the ovens operating settings.


Turn On – Press Right Knob Once

Select Function – Press Right Knob again. Turn Right Knob right or left – Selected function turns red in display – mode’s default cooking time and temperature are shown on display

Change Function setting – Press Left Knob Once and Time setting will start flashing – turn Left Knob right or left to adjust.  Press Left Knob again to choose temperature or other second setting.

Start Function – Press Right Knob to start

Adjust Function / Pause Cooking – Press Right Knob and Oven will pause.  Change settings as noted above.  Press Right Knob to restart with new settings.  Opening Door will also pause cooking.

Turn Off – Press and hold Right Knob until oven turns off


Cooktop (In Counter at Right)

The Cooktop (HOB) is in a two burner induction cooktop and will only work with the pots and pans in the lower right drawer that are induction cooktop compatible.  The Cooktop will only operate when one of these pots or pans is on the burner.



For Timer Control and additional information, see the

Porter and Charles C130V

manual in the upper right cabinet.