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  • DO NOT Come Knock on house door, Instead text or if urgent call
    • Thom Mills Cell – 647-333-8371
    • Lisa Mills Cell – 289-879-8371
    • House Land line – 905-939-8371

Our general email is



4023 Third Line, Schomberg, ON
This is the best address to give for mapping. You are best to use Google Maps. Do not us WAZE. Most in-car GPS will not find us.

Google Maps:



The toilets will only accept human waste and toilet paper. Do not flush anything else including feminine hygiene products like pads or tampons, paper towel or flushable wipes. There is a reminder sign in each washroom to this effect.



Name “Wifi” – Password – “mills6?!” Note: Use of wifi is intended for hosts only; if you share this around and people use it, it will slow to a crawl.



If there is an emergency, please call us first and allow us to deal with the issue before calling other services.



No flame or fire source in the barn or within 20’ of the barn.

Fire extinguishers are located on both sides of the barn and in food serving space right of the kitchen. Please familiarize yourself with these locations.


First Aid

First Aid Kit is located in the main washroom in the stall immediately upon entry of washroom.

Barn Facility Instructions

Keys / Access / Cleaning

The barn is not locked. You are welcome to enter to set up at the agreed upon date and time.

We have cleaned the barn for you before your arrival. We encourage you to do your best to keep it clean, especially in muddy or wintry weather. If additional cleaning needs to be done, you can find a broom and dustpan in the main washroom stall when you first walk into the washroom. If more cleaning needs to be done that what that broom can handle, please contact us.


There are light switches for the various spaces of the Barn.

Main Barn Space – switch is located by the main door of the barn. There are three switches there. You can tell which lights in the space they control by trying them. Some of the lights will dim. Others will not. You can try dimming by holding the pushing the switch either up or down.

Main Space Globe Lights – switch is located behind each post where the light is connected.
Food Service Space – switch is located at either end of the food service room
Washrooms – switch is located inside left of the washroom door. It has a sensor and will come on automatically.

Smoking & Fire

The barn is made out of wood. Wood burns. It is crucially important to not have any flame or fire source in the barn during your event. This includes smoking

As such we do not allow candles, smoking, firewood or any other source of fire in the barn or within 20 feet of the barn.

There is a smoking area marked between the barn and the red garage. There are metal bins present for butts. Considerate smoking is permitted near the fire pits on the property and butts can be disposed of there.

There are fire pits on the property that maybe used based on arrangements made prior to your event.

Kitchen Details

The kitchen area in the Food Service Area features a fridge, a freezer, a double sink and faucet, and a stove with an induction cooktop. It is not a commercial kitchen. Food is expected to be brought pre-cooked or cooked on sight with caterers approved equipment.

The induction cooktop will only work with the pots and pan provided on the shelves.

Garbage, Recycling, & Organic Waste

Garbage, Recycling and Organic Waste can be left on the property for disposal, but it is important that it is contained in an organized way by yourself or your caterers. We provide garbage bins and bag, blue bins for recycling, grey bins for alcohol (cans and bottles) and green bins for organic waste.

It is critical that the waste be sorted into its proper place. The green bin must only contain food; no paper or other garbage. The Blue bin must only contain recyleable materials; clean paper and plastics. Other materials should go in the garbage bins. There are additional large garbage bags under the kitchen sink if needed.

Sound System Details (Spotify DJ)

The Sound System is located by the post left of the main washroom. If you have chosen to rent it and it is included in the rental agreement, it should be turned on and ready for you.

The Sounds system is comprised of the following item: an iPad, a Mixer, an Amplifier, a Microphone and Stand. Always turn the Amplifier on last.


Located at the post at about eye level. The iPad has Spotify installed. Sign in with your own account and you will have access to your playlists. If it is not already signed out, select the library option and the Gears in the top right corner. The iPad also has the Pyro application on it. Pyro will mix your songs in your playlist so that they mix smoothly and DJ style. When you open Pyro, you can log into it with your Spotify or Apple Music account, choose your playlist an then play that playlist DJ style.

The iPad is connected to mixer on input 4



Located at the post at hand level. The mixer is powered by a power plug that goes into its back right hand corner. If you do not see any lights lit up on the mixer, check that the power plug is in securely. The Mixer allows the micro- phone, the iPad and other sound sources to be mixed together. The mixer has the following connections available to it for your needs: 1 x XLR input, 2 x 1/4” input. The Level controls on the bottom of each input control the level of those inputs and the Main Level controls the main level output of the mixer. Note that if the Total Volume in the room is a result of a combination of the both the mixer’s Main Level and the Amplifier’s volume.


Located by the post at the very bottom. The power button is at the bottom of Amplifier. Don’t touch any other buttons other than the volume. CD should be the selected source option.

Wireless Mic

Red power button on bottom.

Mic Receiver

Open door with side buttons to reveal power button in middle left.

Microphone and Stand

Typically mounted on the Microphone stand near by. The Mic has a red power button on the back end of it. As it is a wireless mic, there
is a receiver for it just beside the mixer. To turn on the receiver, open up its front cover using the black buttons on either side of it then use the power button to turn it on.

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