You are likely reading this page because you are seeking permission to enjoy our trails

The trails in the forest were created by Ron and Karon Mills in 1982.  They have been freely open and available for enjoyment for our friends and neighbours and we’d like to keep it that way.  They are a great space for relaxation, exercise and more.

To keep the trails open, we require that those using the trails and forest understand the following and agree to these terms:

  • This is private, not public property
  • Treat it with respect as if it were your own
  • Taking items from our property is theft and will be handled as such.
  • There may be people camping or enjoying the property having received permission from the owner.  Please give them their privacy and head in a different direction.
  • You are responsible for your safety and that of any minors in your care
  • The forest is a wilderness & rural area with many possible hazards present
  • The forest is not maintained by the owner to ensure safety
  • You are solely responsible for any injury or harm that may come to you while on the property
  • No motorized vehicles are allowed on the property without the express permission of the owners
  • No fires or camping is allowed on the property without the express permission of the owners
  • No harvesting of wood from the forest for any purpose including firewood without the express permission of the owners
  • Dog walking off-leash is permitted.  You must be able to leash and control your dog quickly if you encounter someone else.


To use our trails we require you to fill in our liability form as linked here.

Once filled out, you will get a copy in your email and then are welcome to use the trails.  You need fill this form out once only.  

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