Policies as of April 1, 2022

We at Fermanagh Farms do our best to make your experience as an event vendor as easy, rewarding and profitable as possible.

Currently we are open to receiving vendors not on our Preferred Vendor List until the 2023 season.  For the 2024 and following seasons, we plan to finalize and basically lock down our Vendor List.  We do not currently charge a landmark fee but this may change for the 2024 season.


All Vendors

  • All commercial vendors must have Commerical General Liability (CGL) insurance and  provide documentation of proof to Fermanagh Farms at info@fermanaghfarms.com.  If vendor does not have insurance, they must inform us as soon as possible.

Catering and Bar

  • Order and invoice with the client dinnerware and bar glasses from the vendor of our choosing.  This includes dishes, cutlery, glasses, table linens, napkins and other catering and bar specific related items.  Fermanagh Farms will have rented for the client tent, table, chairs and other furniture items from a vendor that can provide the items and style that the client is looking for.  By ordering dinnerware rentals from the same company we minimize the number of vendors delivering and save delivery fees.  Having catering and bar order and invoice these items, it ensures the proper items in the proper quantities are ordered.
  • Setting of table linens, dinnerware, etc.  Fermanagh Farms will have tables placed as per clients floor plan  (Note:  If caterers are setting up decor items, there are to be no candles or flame inside the barn)
  • Have setup, serving and clean up staff sufficient to accommodate the group size
  • Serve food as per clients wishes
  • Clear tables of dinner and glass wear at the end of dinner
  • Used dinner ware and cutlery must be placed in containers as provided by rental supplier and be moved to storage area in barn as directed by Fermanagh Farms staff. 
  • Garbage, recycling and compost containers are provided by Fermanagh Farms.  Mixed garbage must be removed by caterer.  If cater chooses to do so, sorted garbage, recycling, alcohol and compost may remain on property.   
  • For in barn events, garbage, recycling, alcohol and compost are to be placed in the kitchen by the South doors for removal by our staff. 
  • For in tent events, garbage, recycling, alcohol and compost are to be left in one location at the tent for removal by our staff.  Garbage must be in locked bins (provided by Fermanagh Farms), compost bins must be locked and there must to no foot in other non-locked bins (animals will make a mess if so).  
  • Kitchen left in the condition found except for sweeping and moping of floors.  This includes cleaning and wiping down counter surfaces

If catering staff leave after dinner, the following is the responsibility of bar staff, otherwise to be handled by catering staff

  • Remove glasses and clear table during the until the event is complete
  • Clear tables of remain dinner and glass ware, food, garbage

Rentals of Tents, Tables, Chairs, etc. 

Tent Rental companies are responsible to:

  • We allow only select companies to install tents at our venue.
  • Must book appointment with us to review location and setup details
  • For weekend event, delivery on Thursday and pick up on Monday.  Other arrangement can be made if necessary.
  • Ensure the tent is installed according to manufacture specifications and considering wind conditions typical of our property

Other Rental companies are responsible to:

  • For weekend event, delivery on Thursday and pick up on Monday.  Other arrangement can be made if necessary.
  • Contact us before delivery to ensure they are located in the correct place

Disc Jockey (DJ) or Bands

DJ’s are responsible to:

  • Providing their own sound gear, cables and extension cords.  For in-barn events, there are many outlets available making a 25’ cord appropriate.  For ceremony and in-tent event, a 50’ and 100’ extension cord should be brought to accommodate various set ups.
  • Ceremonies must be serviced with a sound system that provides for a speaker from the front on both left and right side of the ceremony chair layout.  Wireless microphones are recommended, wired are acceptable.
  • Sound levels limited to 75 db average / 80 db peaking for outdoor / tented events and 85 db average / 90 db peaking for barn events as measured by the DJ table by Fermanagh Farms staff app.
  • Setting up and removing their equipment

Decor and Florists

Decor and Florist companies are responsible to:

  • Set up their items as per their clients plans
  • Ensure that these will not cause harm to people or property
  • Ensure that candles are not used inside the barn
  • Remove item at the latest by 1 am on the morning after the completion of the event unless arrangement with Fermanagh Farms have been made
  • Flowers may be left on promise for the guests to take or to be composted
  • Real organic flower petals are welcome.  Artificial flower petals are not welcome.

Photographers and Videographers

These companies are responsible to:

  • Contact us at info@fermanaghfarms.com with a brief description of the photography plans for the day including locations on property and planned use of drone.
  • Ensure that equipment will not cause harm to people or property
  • Agree to share high resolution photos and / or short summary video with us for sharing via social media, our website and possibly some selected to be printed and displayed at our venue.
  • Agree to contact once photos and / or videos are available and ready for sharing.

If you Questions, Contact Us.