Checking Out

  • We request the following upon checkout
    • The place be left generally orderly and tidy
    • wash any used dishes 
    • Put used towels and cloths from the kitchen and bathroom in the laundry bin provided in the bathroom
    • Additionally, please – turn off lights and tv, open up the blinds and message when checking out 

Contact Us

  • Please message us through the Airbnb app or VRBO app whichever you booked us through if you have any questions and concerns. 

Keys / Access

The main door is locked with a smart keypad lock. The code is 14023. 


Safety & Fire Alarm

The Cabin has a smoke alarm. If it sounds and you detect smoke, you can leave through either of the cabin’s doors. There is a fire extinguisher mounted on the left side of the coat rack.

Be aware of the steps at the entrance/exit doors.


There are light switches to the left of both doors.  The switches also have dimmers on their sides to provide dimmed lighting. 

The switches at the North door provides the following from left to right … Outside light, main dining lighting, centre lighting.

The switch at the South door provides sleeping area lighting.

The switch just in side the washroom door provides the following from left to right … washroom lighting and additional outdoor lighting.

There are also light switches in the kitchen back wall area for lighting specifically over the kitchen counters.


We trust you find in the kitchen all that you need to enjoy your stay from plates and cutlery through to cooking utensils.  The kitchen features a fridge, convection stove with induction cooktop, microwave / vent / over-oven light, sink, cabinet, pots, pans and accessories. Please use responsibly. You are welcome to use the cabinet space to best suite your use, but please set it to the way you found it.

We believe the appliance functions are fairly self explanatory, but if you need them these are links to their respective documentation:


Convection Oven with Induction Cooktop                           

The Induction Cooktop works ONLY with the induction compatible cookware provided in the kitchen.  The cooktop will not operate without a compatible pot or pan ON the burner.  The controls are touch sensitive on the front control panel.  The bottom warming drawer serves as both a storage area for cookware and can also be used as a controllable warmer.  When using as a warmer, please remove all the cookware. 

Garbage, Recycling and Organic Waste

There is a black garbage bin, recycling bin and beige compost bin under the sink where you will also find additional bags.   The Organic Waste Bin MUST ONLY INCLUDE ORGANIC WASTE.  If these become filled, or when leaving simply tie the bag and take to our large green metal garbage and recycle bins at the top of the laneway on your way out. 


You will find these facilities in the room on the South end of the cabin. A few things of note.

The toilet will accept only suitable waste including toilet paper.  The toilet will NOT accept feminine hygiene products like pads or tampons, paper towel, flushable wipes, etc.  Flushing such items or anything hard, plastic, metal, etc. will damage the septic pump and you will be held responsible for the resulting repairs.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry washer and dryer are offered for your convenience.  Detergent is available for short term guests.  Guests staying longer than a week are expected to provide their own detergent. 

Internet and Entertainment

There is Wi-Fi Internet in the Cabin. It is called “CabinWifi” and has the password “cabinwifi”. 

This internet connection is shared with the other buildings on the property, so your speed may be affected by other people in other buildings also using the Internet.  

There is a 43″ Smart TV in the cabin.  It is not connected to cable or to an Antenna.  The TV includes Google Android mirroring and AirPlay for Apple screen mirroring.  It has Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Prime and other apps installed.  You may log into your own accounts for each app.  It also has Plex installed with a user account already logged in.  Plex gives you access to Movies, TV shows, Concerts, Documentaries, Music Documentaries and more from our local server as well as Plex featured TV shows. The local content through Plex is high quality.  You are welcome to connect any HDMI device to its second input on the back of the TV. 

Heating and Cooling

Find the Heater/Air Conditioner wall unit above the TV in the Cabin’s main heater / AC.  Use the remote mounted on the wall by the washroom door.  For heat, set mode to the Sun symbol.  For A/C, set mode to the Snow Flake symbol.  Set to desired temperature. 

There is also a baseboard heater in the kitchen area.  ONLY use it if there is not sufficient heat from the other wall unit.  If you use the baseboard heater, please set it at least 4 degrees lower than the wall unit.

The washroom has a heated floor to provide a comfortable space especially during winter months.  Its controller is behind the washroom door between the door and the shower.


There is a propane BBQ provided and is located beside the Cabin under the pergola.  A propane  tank and bbq utensils are provided. BBQs can be dangerous especially if a grease fire gets going. Please use the BBQ wisely. Please turn off the tank when you are done and clean the area of any leftover food and BBQ utensils. 

Fire Pit

We have bags of firewood for $12 that are available for purchase during your stay.

Control of a fire you start is your responsibility. Be smart. Alcohol and fire can be dangerous combination. There is a water tap and pail behind the cabin. Use it to control the fire. Also use it to put out the fire when you are done.  DO NOT LEAVE A FIRE UNATTENDED.

What to do on the property

You are welcome to use the picnic tables.  

There are walking trails in the tree bush South of the house and red cabin. Start South down the path and you will come to a pond. There is a trail on the left (East) and right (West) side of the pond that will take you down in the trails.  The trails are unmarked at this point.  If you keep walking south, you will meet a gravel road and fence / gate … that is the extent of our property. Coming back the other way on the trails will bring you back to pond and then back up to the Cabin.

Beware that during the summer the bush can have a lot of mosquitos. You are best to cover up or use bug / mosquito repellent.  

You are welcome to walk or bike down our lane toward the road and walk on the road.  The road is not heavily travelled but vehicles can be travelling fast. Beware and be safe.  If you did not bring bikes, we may have one that suits your needs.

There may be cattle (cows) in the field beside the lane.  Do not try to touch or get close to them.  Simply enjoy them from a distance. There is an electric fence keeping them in.  If you touch the fence YOU WILL GET A SHOCK.

Solar Panels

There are a number of solar panel assemblies on the property.  These generate electricity that provides green energy to our farm and the electricity grid.  They are cool to look at.  Please do not stand on their structures or touch any of the controls or cabinets associated with them.  If you would like to know more about them, feel free to ask.

The Barn

The barn is NOT an accessible space to you.  It is under construction with many dangers present.  Even if the doors are open, you are not welcome to enter unless directly invited. If you are interested in what is going on, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Wildlife in the Area

You are in the countryside and wildlife does exist in the area.  There are no bears. You may hear coyote or wolves at night. They tend to stay in the forest and not come near the buildings.  We have never seen any at night.  Smaller animals such as skunks, ground hogs, squirrels, raccoons, etc. may be out during the day or night.  Remember, they are more scared of you than you should be of them.  Having said that, respect them, give them space and let them go on their way. Treat them with respect and they’ll leave you alone.

Remember you are responsible for you

When you checked in, you signed our Liability Waiver Form.  Remember that:

    • You are the primary agent responsible for your safety.
    • You are in a wilderness and rural area; not all hazards can be known or anticipated.
    • You are responsible to use your common sense in your activity.
    • Consumption of alcohol can impair your judgment and effect your safety and you now release us from liability from these effects. Alcohol consumption by those under 19 is not permitted.
    • The activities you choose to do on our property you do so at your on risk.
    • You are responsible for damage done to the property and cabin.
    • You understand that hygiene products or anything hard is not to be flushed down the toilet and that you will be held liable for resulting damages.
    • By choosing to remain on our property and sign this waiver form, you acknowledge and accepts these risks and release Thom and Lisa Mills, Ron and Karon Mills and Randomize, Inc. from liability.

Stove / Induction Cooktop


The Oven Cooktop is a 5 burner induction cooktop and will only work with the pots and pans in the drawers.

Full Stove Manual